Recruitment FAQ

Commonly asked questions about recruitment:

Q: Is fall recruitment virtual or in-person?

A: Both! Spirit Day and Philanthropy Day will be virtual, while Values Day and Preference Night will be in-person.


Q: I am a legacy, does that mean I am guaranteed to get into that sorority?
A: Not necessarily. Each sorority has its own policies regarding legacies. While it can be exciting to have a connection or tie to a chapter, the most important part is to keep an open mind through the recruitment process and find the best fit for YOU.

Q: Are letters of recommendation mandatory for women to go through the recruitment process?
A: Letters of recommendation are NOT mandatory for the recruitment process. They will also not impact your chances of receiving a bid.

Q: What are the expectations for a woman going through Panhellenic Recruitment? 
A: The most important expectation is to have a good attitude. The recruitment process can be a long and stressful one, but it is important to keep positive and trust in your Rho Gamma and the Panhellenic recruitment team. The other important expectation is that you attend ALL recruitment events, including orientation and all events on your schedule each day. Failing to attend an event will result in the woman being removed from recruitment. 

Q: What if I have class and I need to miss a recruitment event?
A: If you have class or another important obligation it is understandable to miss a recruitment event. If you have class, notify your Rho Gamma and she will help you to register your excuse on the recruitment website. If you do register your excuse, chapters will be able to see that and may still invite you to the next round. However, missing an event can greatly impact your recruitment experience and we recommend changing the conflict, if possible, to avoid missing any events. Remember that if you do not have an excused absence and you miss an event it may result in you being removed from recruitment.

Q: How do sororities decide who to invite back to their events?
A: Recruitment is a mutual selection process. This means that potential members are able to rank the sororities they would most like to return to, and the chapters provide a list of potential members they would like to invite back. Those two lists are matched, and that is how schedules for the following day is created. It is important to know that every sorority has a different, private process that they go through in completing their lists.


Q: How do I decide which sorority to join?
A: The Panhellenic recruitment structure is created so that you are able to meet women from every chapter and get a glimpse of how you may fit into their chapter's expectations and dynamics. While ultimately the decision is only one that you can make for yourself, there are many resources to help make the process and decisions a bit easier. Rho Gammas are selected to be counselors to help you throughout recruitment. They can support you through the decision-making process and are trained to help both with the college transition and recruitment process.

Q: Someone told me I'm guaranteed a bid, should I believe her? 
A: One individual member cannot guarantee a woman will be able to join any organization. Sorority members also know that they are not allowed to talk about giving membership to any potential new member. If a member tells you that you are “guaranteed" to be in her organization, let your Rho Gamma know, in private, and she will handle it accordingly. 

Commonly asked questions about the
PNM Intro VideO:

Click here for the instructions

How long should your video be?

Your video should be a minimum of 60 seconds, and a maximum of 4 minutes.


What should you include in your video?

You MUST include your name, hometown, and major. Your class standing is OPTIONAL. You must additionally pick 3 of the questions provided and answer them to the best of your ability.


What should you record my video on?

You can record your video on a cell phone or computer! We ask that it is horizontal


Is there a dress code?



Should you have a background?

You must have a plain background. Remember to make sure there is no extra noise!


When should you submit your video by?

You must submit your video to your assigned recruitment guide by September 3rd @ 5PM.


Should I stress over this video?

NO! Please do not stress! Your video will not make or break you. It will just help us get to know you. 

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