Sexual Assault liaisons

The new Sexual Assault Liasion Position, also known as SALLY, is a position for all Michigan State University Panhellenic. There is a SALLY for each of the 14 chapters. The SALLY will provide access to education and act as a conversation starter about sexual misconduct. The goal of this education and conversation is to empower our community members with information. A few of the topics the SALLY will cover will be: the role of chapter members in supporting survivors, reduction of shame and blame on survivors of sexual or interpersonal violence, safe bystander intervention techniques, options for reporting and how to receive confidential medical care, supportive reactions to disclosures of sexual misconduct and available resources for support and/or additional information.

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Alpha Chi Omega

Mia Suchara

(248) 877-0831

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Alpha Omicron Pi

Kiersten Gardner

(708) 701-3131

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Alpha Phi

Bela Tibus

(248) 214-6267

AXID Sally

Alpha Xi Delta

Sydney Sabanski


Chi Omega

Amanda Dern

(224) 422-6581

95056DF7-336D-46D7-93EC-2A7F7DB68598 - Morgan Maclean.jpeg

Delta Gamma

Morgan MacLean

(303 )919-1983

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Pi Beta Phi

Grace Hocking

(248) 974-8632

45F1FB7A-6392-4EE6-A0FE-7226E875E3DF - Sarah Elise MacDonald.jpeg

Gamma Phi Beta

Sarah MacDonald

(248) 732-9201


Sigma Delta Tau

Nicole Perlstein

(847) 964-3466

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Kappa Alpha Theta

Grace Silcox

(248) 224-2787

SK Sally

Sigma Kappa

Kaylee Ross

(269) 589-5717

Kappa Delta

Colleen Woodhouse

(616) 258-1089

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Claudia Cerezo

(256) 714-0939

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Zeta Tau Alpha

Lydia Kahler

(248) 872-9622

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B4AF13D0-5C9D-4055-9086-6BA9ACC36B4A - Grace Wilder Silcox.jpeg